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Phil Wiggins
Phil Wiggins
Phil Wiggins
Phil Wiggins

Photo by Bibiana Huang Matheis

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Current Press Release: Phil Wiggins Honored As National Heritage Fellow​

For Press/Radio: pressandradiophilwiggins@gmail.com

Phil Wiggins is arguably America’s foremost blues harmonica virtuoso. While rooted in the melodic Piedmont or “Tidewater” blues of the Chesapeake region, his mastery of the instrument now transcends stylistic boundaries.  Born in Washington D.C. in 1954, Phil Wiggins achieved worldwide acclaim over three decades as one half of the premier Piedmont blues duo of Cephas & Wiggins. Since the death of guitarist and singer John Cephas in 2009, Phil brought his harmonica wizardry to bear in a variety of musical collaborations."

- National Council for the Traditional Arts

"DC native, champion of the Piedmont blues style, and acoustic harp player Phil Wiggins has spent much of his career playing with guitarist John Cephas.  With Cephas’ death, Wiggins has begun to stretch out the groupings and style of his performances, including playing with Corey Harris, Nat Reese, and (in Reese’s honor for reminding Wiggins how great the black string and swing bands of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s were), this current aggregation - The Chesapeake Sheiks.  In addition to Wiggins’ harp and vocals, the group features Ian Walters (piano), Matt Kelly (guitar), Marcus Moore (violin), and Eric Shrameck (bass) swinging their way through such great songs as 'Struttin’ With Some Barbecue', 'Lulu’s Back In Town', and one that could be the group’s theme, 'Don’t Let That Music Die'.  This live performance is a good-time event in every respect: great material (including a few originals) and great performances from the individuals and the ensemble. Their version of 'Do You Call That A Buddy' is a knock out! Wiggins reminds us in his liner notes that the group is '…not trying to recreate 78’s.  We are just five fools that love this music, having fun.'  You will, too.  Give it a listen!"

- Dave Rogers, WTJU 91.1 Charlottesville

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“Phil is among a very small handful of virtuosos whose command of his instrument takes my breath away. His talent rivals that of any artist I’ve encountered in my career in Classical music, in my view placing him in the company of the Yo-Yo Mas and the Joshua Bells of the world.”

- Scott Freck, Vice President for Artistic Operations & General Manager North Carolina Symphony



"An acoustic harmonica-guitar blues duo who are uniquely able to showcase the synthesis of African and European elements that co-exist in the blues, Phil Wiggins & Corey Harris are among the most dynamic live blues musicians of our time. They represent the next generation of blues musicians, simultaneously steeped in the tradition while bringing a renewed vitality and creativity to the genre. This new partnership is a must-hear!"

- Triangle Arts and Entertainment



"This weekend was a really special experience for us. After having followed Phil and John for years and then hearing your music (Rick Franklin), it is so very special to me that you and Phil are playing together. In addition to loving the music you play, hearing the history that connects you both to the music you play is tops." 

- Pattie Macie, Fan


Chesapeake Sheiks
Chesapeake Sheiks

          Photo by Bibiana Huang Matheis                                                                                                   Photo by Bibiana Huang Matheis


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