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In Australia: Phil Wiggins & Dom Turner
  • Phil Wiggins is a harmonica player for film, TV and commercial soundtracks.

  • Phil Wiggins is a harmonica player for recording sessions in many roots and blues genres.

  • Phil Wiggins is a harmonica player for performances, backed by various constellations, with either a full band or smaller combos.

  • Phil Wiggins is available for booking in blues festivals, folk festivals, traditional music festivals, and for national or international touring as a featured guest.

  • Phil Wiggins is available to teach harmonica workshops.


The National Heritage Fellow and multiple W.C. Handy blues award winner Phil Wiggins is open for all types of events. With more than 40 years experience including a dozen albums critically acclaimed albums (Flying Fish and Alligator Records, among others), appearing in numerous films and staged productions, Phil is ready to add masterful harmonica to any project.


Phil’s credentials as harmonica player, songwriter and bandleader have been honed over more than 40 years of playing with some of the greatest names in the blues. During his formative years he has played with blues luminaries including Esther Mae Scott, Flora Molton, John Jackson, Archie Edwards, Johnny Shines, Robert Lockwood, Wilbert “Big Chief” Ellis, Sunnyland Slim, Robert Lockwood, Henry Townsend, Honeyboy Edwards, and Lonnie Pitchford.


He spent 32 years in the great Piedmont blues, double W.C. Handy Blues Award winning duo of Cephas & Wiggins. Since the passing of his partner John Cephas, Phil has performed with Dom Turner, Nat Reese, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Taj Mahal, the Holmes Brothers, Corey Harris, George Kilby Jr., Guy Davis, Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton, Lauren Sheehan, the Rev. Wilkins, Branford Marseilles, Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons, the MSG Acoustic Blues Trio, and many more.

Phil Wiggins & the Chesapeake Sheiks

Phil was inspired to form the Chesapeake Sheiks by hearing or playing with great songsters like Nat Reese, Howard Armstrong, The Mississippi Sheiks, The Big Three Trio and others. This ensemble plays blues from the Piedmont and Delta as well as the music of Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Django Reinhardt, Louis Jordan, Slim and Slam, and others. The song list also includes some of my originals. The Sheiks are: Phil Wiggins on harmonica and vocals, Steve Wolf - acoustic bass; Ian Walters - piano; Matt Kelly - acoustic guitar; Marcus Moore - violin. Special guest Baakari Wilder, tap dancer extraordinaire, rounds out this ensemble from time to time.

Phil Wiggins House Party

The House Party is an acoustic blues ensemble that reunites the dance tradition with the Piedmont and other country blues styles. Phil Wiggins is joined by the D.C. based Piedmont picker and longtime friend, guitar player Rick Franklin and Marcus Moore, a fiery jazz violinist steeped in the black string band tradition. They joined forces with urban dancer, Junious Lee Brickhouse, who understands the African American cultural reconnection of the act of dance with the dance music that is the blues.

Phil Wiggins Tidewater Trio/Duo

This country blues constellation pairs Phil with longtime friends Eleanor Ellis and Rick Franklin in a duo or trio. Eleanor Ellis is today one of the foremost practitioners of the Piedmont blues. A superb singer and fingerpicking guitarist, she has been an integral member of the D.C. acoustic blues scene in Archie’s Barbershop. Guitarist Rick Franklin has also been a member of the same D.C. blues scene for decades, a beautiful stylist and picker, he brings the joy and Eleanor brings the fire. Phil notes, “It's like having a safety net that inspires me and frees me to take foolish chances. They share a great repertoire of hand picked country blues songs that show their absolute mastery of the guitar. And Eleanor has the voice of an angel.”

Frequent Collaborators:

The fiery duo has frequently toured in Australia as well as recorded an album Owing the Devil a Day’s Work. Dom Turner is best known as guitarist/ vocalist, founding member and key songwriter of the Australian blues group, Backsliders. Dom’s influences include a blend of Delta and Piedmont styles. In 2004 Dom was voted ‘Blues Songwriter of the Year’ at the Australian Blues Awards. With over 30 years of recording and performing blues in Australia and internationally with the Backsliders, Dom has toured in the USA, playing and teaching blues guitar at Augusta Blues week in West Virginia.

Photo by Julie Fox

Phil Wiggins and George Kilby, Jr.

When Phil joins singer/songwriter George Kilby, Jr. , sometimes with Sherman Holmes of the Holmes Brothers, on bass, the ensembles hits a wide range of roots & blues. George Kilby Jr. was a longtime collaborator with the famed pianist Pinetop Perkins and produced Pinetop’s W.C. Handy award winning album Portrait of a Delta Bluesman. Phil and George started working together not long after the passing of their respective musical partners – Pinetop Perkins and John Cephas, and they have joined in tours and major festivals in the US, Canada and Europe.

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